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Consumers deserve fair treatment and honest dealing. Unfortunately, many businesses have developed a reputation for cheating consumers out of money by selling fraudulent goods, lying about services, or charging unnecessary and illegal fees. There has to be a way to fight back.

Saltz Mongeluzzi Bendesky is an experienced class-action law firm advocating for the rights of consumers. We understand the frustration people feel when they realize they’ve been lied to and ripped off. We know that deceptive and unfair business practices cost hard-working consumers millions of dollars in total each year. And we have the tools you need to fight back. Call our firm today to speak with a consumer protection attorney. You might start a class action or join one already in progress.

What Laws Protect Consumers?

Every state in the country has passed laws to protect consumers from deceptive and unfair business practices. These laws cover a variety of industries, and all have a simple goal: force businesses to deal honestly and transparently with consumers.

Generally, these laws allow harmed consumers to go to court and seek financial compensation. Typically, you can request monetary damages to compensate for what you lost. In many cases, a person might request two or three times what they lost, in addition to attorneys’ fees.

With a class action, consumers who have all suffered the same harm join together to take on a deceptive business. Class actions are often the only effective way to force shady businesses to change their behavior.

Examples of Unfair and Deceptive Practices

The business landscape is littered with scam artists, counterfeit goods, and bait-and-switch advertisers. Virtually everyone has been taken advantage of at some point.

Consumer protection laws demand accountability. We can handle any case based on:

  • False advertising. A business is dishonest about its product to induce people to purchase it. Many businesses make false claims about what a product can do or where it comes from. Many consumers purchase a good based on these false claims.
  • Omission of material facts. This is a type of false advertising where a business doesn’t lie, but it leaves off important information in its advertisements. Consumers are harmed when they make a purchase based on inaccurate information.
  • Bait and switch. A business advertises one product but then tries to sell a more expensive item. Or they require that you purchase additional products to obtain the one they advertised. The “bait and switch” is one of the oldest types of business deception.
  • Illegal overcharging. A business will charge more than agreed to in a contract or what is allowed by the law. Many businesses include hidden fees or surcharges. Although a consumer might only lose a couple of dollars, the company makes millions when it illegally overcharges millions of consumers.
  • Breach of warranty. Any good sold comes with an implied warranty that it is free of defects and fit for its intended purpose. When a good fails to work as expected, then consumers should receive a replacement or a refund. Sometimes, businesses refuse to honor the warranty.
  • Disclosure violations. Many laws require that businesses act transparently by disclosing certain information to consumers during a transaction. A business might refuse to disclose, harming consumers.
  • Abusive debt collection. Debt collectors must not use abusive or harassing collection tactics, such as calling late at night or threatening debtors. An important federal law empowers consumers to fight back against collection agencies who act in an underhanded manner.

This is only a small sampling of consumer protection cases we are prepared to bring. If you feel a business ripped you off or lied to you, please contact us. You might not be alone.

How Does a Class Action Help Consumers?

Consumer protection laws typically allow individuals to sue for compensation. However, there’s more power in banding together with other consumers—sometimes hundreds or thousands—who have all suffered a similar injury. For example, your cell phone carrier might have included hidden fees. If they did it to you, they probably did it to millions of other consumers.

Joining together, consumers can demand accountability and financial compensation. A class action levels the playing field. Large corporations have massive law firms defending their illegal conduct. A class action empowers individuals to stand up together and protect their rights.

Saltz Mongeluzzi Bendesky is one of the most experienced class action law firms in the country. If you’ve been victimized by deceptive business practices, please call us. A consumer protection lawyer can discuss the steps for getting a lawsuit going.

Why We Are the Right Firm for You

There are many reasons why Saltz Mongeluzzi Bendesky is the right firm for anyone needing legal representation regarding consumer protection & class actions:

  • Relevant experience. State and federal laws which protect consumers are detailed and complex. We are an established law firm with proven results, and we can use the law to your benefit.
  • Flexibility. Consumer protection is a broad field and covers banks, mortgage lenders, collection agencies, big box stores, and any other business that markets goods or services to the public. Our firm is ready to help you whatever the violation you face.
  • Passionate representation. We care about our clients, who often have no voice in the legal process. Never let a business or large corporation take advantage of you. They are expecting you to sit silently, but we will aggressively protect your rights. From discovery to class certification to negotiation, we put your interests first.
  • Cutting-edge legal knowledge. Class action law continues to evolve. You need a consumer protection class action attorney who knows how to get a class certified, which increases your bargaining power. Our firm stays on top of recent developments in class action law.
  • Affordable service. Call us to find out more about how to obtain the services of a consumer protection class action lawyer with no upfront cost.

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